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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

01. What services do you offer?

We offer a complete garment development services for new models of men and women clothing: from design to the stage of entry into production, with full completion of the documentation ( fashion and technical drawing, tech pack, vector design, measurement table & data, manufacturing details and consumption of fabrics); we can also estimate fabric quantity and costs.

We offer individual services too:

  • PATTERN MAKING – By a photo, sketch or a ready-tailored model
  • DIGITIZING – On patterns of cardboard or paper
  • GRADING – With available tables for measurement data by sizes
  • MARKER MAKING – Making plans for cutting with full accountability for the necessary fabrics and auxiliary materials to forge orders
  • PLOTTING markers

We also perform adjustments of CAD patterns, provided in the appropriate format.

02. What are the costs for pattern making and prototype for my collection?

Because of the large variety of products and fabrics we work, we can not have a standard price for your particular demand. However in our price list, you can consult the minimum and maximum amounts that we charge for a particular product category; for an exact quotation we must analyze drawings, images or technical pack of the products. For a free quote, you can send us the info.

03. Do you offer reviewing services for existing designs?

Yes, we can take a look at your ideas and answer all your questions.

04. Do you offer production?

Yes, our facility can make samples and take small production orders (1 to 500 pieces). We also have large production partners for all you production needs.

05. Can you help with fabric sourcing or consultancy on the best fabrics to use?

We try to find the best supplier for each project we take on. If a fabric (different from what our long term suppliers can provide) is needed for your project, we will do our best to find and contact the right suppliers for you. Before scheduling your project you should consider that fabric sourcing usually takes time.

06. How to order a pattern for a model which I want to produce?

Send us initially to e-mail a picture or sketch and we will respond back as an offer with a cost and time for production. Upon the quotation approval for the model , send us what you have as an information about the model or the tailored model if you have the physical sample by courier. We will develop the pattern in a basic size and will send it to you for stitching from your manufacturer or we will manufacture it ourselves.

07. What is the process of making the pattern?

We construct the model with specialized CAD system LECTRA for clothing with high accuracy but we check the pattern as we forge and sew it from cloth. Then we produce a test prototype model which can help our customer better understanding the model and make final adjustments. Then we produce the sample on the original fabric of which will be produced the model. This second prototype will be the original sample for mass production.

08. Do you offer unlimited sampling, until we receive the final version of the product?

Usually creating one or two samples is enough to finalize the product, and it is included in our pricing. Of course there are some specific projects/clients when we have to go above this number of samples. In these cases we charge pattern modification and sewing fees only, for each remake.

09. What is the time for the making of a model and how is it delivered?

Time for the making of a model is from 1 to 4 days depending on the complexity and time of the workload of our staff. In the presence of CAD system manufacturer patterns are sent electronically to the system that has the manufacturer. In the absence of a system the patterns are provided to paper. All orders enter in production the week after all the raw materials, trims, and accessory are on site.

10. Why should I use the service marker making?

The use of CAD systems in manufacturing garments is necessary mostly because the price of garments depends on the price and cost of fabric embedded in them. Using the service marker making with CAD system saves many meters of fabric and gives a very accurate record of embedded materials. The price of the service is less small than the savings made of fabric through which can be produced more number of garments.

11. How to pay for the services?

Services may be paid in any of the following ways: Bank transfer. We issue tax invoices. Company is registered for VAT. For B2B customers registered for VAT in EU we not charged VAT.

12. When do you pay for the services?

On new orders we issue proforma invoice. After recurring orders, whit the commercial contract signed, you will receive 15 day payment term. Whit the last manufacturing order delivery you must pay the entire balance. The customer supports all delivery charges.

13. What languages do you speak?

We speak and understand Romanian, English, French and Italian.

14. We are from another country. How can we work with you?

With today’s technologies, we are in constant touch with our clients through email, phone, Fax, Skype and Team Viewer. We are located in the European Community and the sending and receiving of physical samples to anywhere in Europe is possible in a few days. If you produce your clothes in your country or you want your models to arrive as soon as possible to the producer in other country you can send them to us by email and we will render or grade them by size as well as we can prepare them in markers for cutting with our CAD/CAM system and will deliver them to anywhere in the world.

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